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  • China Jiujiang Merlin Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Address:No. 215-221 Jiujiang Xiushui Economic and Technological Development Zone parrot Street
  • Phone:18679025078
  • Email:563743800@qq.com
  • Name:Dai
  • QQ(1):563743800
  • Url:http://www.mariessafehaven.com
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Jiujiang MNRN Electric co.ltd.


ADD:Room 601, 701, Unit 2, No. 221, Parrot Street, Yining Town, Xiushui County, Jiujiang City



    If you are our new friends are welcome to contact us, Changzhou Road MELS Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd. warmly welcome and waits for you! We will provide you with satisfactory products and services!

     If you are our old friends, welcome further communication with us, Changzhou Road MELS Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd. Thank you for the years for our support and love! We will continue to progress, constantly better ourselves to provide you with a more perfect products and services!